Certified Metabolic Typing

As the information will explain, we believe that for nutrition to be effective and for you to be healthy, you must seek out and find what is right for your own body. This can often turn out to be altogether different from what is right for someone else’s body. The fancy name for this phenomena is metabolic individuality . And the process we use to determine your metabolic individuality is called Metabolic Typing® .

Our method, The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing® , is a highly complex procedure that requires the use of a computer to analyze an enormous amount of information concerning each of your unique metabolic characteristics in order to better understand your special, individual, nutritional and ecological lifestyle requirements.

Once your Metabolic Type® is determined from the Metabolic Typing® computer analysis, recommendations are made to help support your body’s ecological lifestyle requirements. This information is provided for you in your report.

Although The Healthexcel Metabolic Typing® Programs are self-help programs, they are not do-it-yourself programs. Proper utilization requires the guidance of an Advisor.

From Healthexcel’s point of view, building health is a far cry from taking an aspirin for a headache. It involves consideration of a new metabolic ecological lifestyle and takes time and dedication to reach the worthwhile goal of optimum health. Along the way, many changes are experienced and it is absolutely vital that you understand these changes why they occur, what they mean, and what (if anything) should be done about them.

In addition, it is necessary that periodic Metabolic Typing® reevaluations of your progress be made to determine if any changes have occurred that might require an alteration in your ecological lifestyle program. These periodic reevaluations are intended to assure that metabolic balance is maintained and that new imbalances are not created. In this way, it is believed that you can make maximum progress toward your goal.